400 Spine Arrows

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Whether you’re a seasoned archer or a newcomer to the sport, you know the importance of choosing the right arrows. In this roundup, we’ve gathered 400 spine arrows designed to help you unleash your inner Robin Hood. We’ve carefully picked out these gems to ensure you get the perfect balance of speed, accuracy, and durability. Get ready to hit your mark with ease!

The Top 7 Best 400 Spine Arrows

  1. Easton Carbon Legacy Arrows — Accurate and Durable Traditional Arrow Design — Experience vintage accuracy with Easton Carbon Legacy Arrows 400 Spine, featuring traditional wood-grain finish, 4 inch helical feathers, and durable carbon fiber construction.
  2. Precision Archery Arrows: D-Stroyer 400 1-Dozen Spine Arrows — Boost your archery skills with the Carbon Express D-Stroyer Shafts 400, delivering superior accuracy, strength, and durability for unmatched performance on the range.
  3. Gold Tip Hunter Arrows 400 Raptor Vanes 12 Pk. for Accurate Shooting — Engineered for speed, stability, and strength, these Gold Tip Hunter Arrows feature Smart Carbon technology and vibrant graphics, making them ideal for diverse hunting conditions.
  4. Hard Hitting 400 Spine Arrows with Custom Footed Shaft — Experience the ultimate fusion of power and precision with Gold Tip’s Traditional Classic arrows, featuring a hard-hitting kinetic energy, custom-footed shafts, stainless steel inserts, and reinforced ballistic collars.
  5. Carbon Express D-Stroyer MX Hunter Arrow Shafts for Accuracy and Strength — Experience unmatched accuracy, durability, and strength with the Carbon Express D-Stroyer MX Hunter Shafts 400 in a 12-pack set, designed for ultimate precision with its patented 2-spine weight forward and real straightness technology.
  6. High-Speed RIP .204 Gamer Arrows for Enhanced Accuracy and Durability — Experience the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy, and durability with Victory Rip Gamer Arrows, featuring a small-diameter shaft for minimal wind drift, SHOK inserts for FOC balance and penetration, and Victory ICE coating for enhanced performance.
  7. Maxima Photon SD 400 Spine Arrows for Hunting and Shooting — Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD Arrows 400 6 Pk. — Ultralight carbon design offering speed, less drop, more penetration, and less wind drift for optimal performance in hunting and 3D shooting.

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Easton Carbon Legacy Arrows — Accurate and Durable Traditional Arrow Design


I had the opportunity to try out the Easton Carbon Legacy Arrows and let me tell you, they truly live up to their name. With their vintage look, these arrows are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely accurate and durable. The 4-inch left wing helical feathers and 6.5mm 3D Super Nock add a traditional touch while the straightness and durability provided by the carbon-fiber construction make them a reliable choice for any archer.

One feature that really stood out is the Realistic wood-grain finish. It adds a natural touch that makes these arrows look and feel like handcrafted treasures. The 13-grain. 244 RPS aluminum insert and the 6.5mm 3D Super Nock further enhance their overall performance.

However, there were a couple of minor issues that I encountered. The shaft weight might be a bit heavier than some users prefer, and the arrow straightness could be slightly better. But overall, the Easton Carbon Legacy Arrows are an excellent choice for those seeking accuracy and durability without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable arrow option that will enhance your archery skills, the Easton Carbon Legacy Arrows are definitely worth considering.

Precision Archery Arrows: D-Stroyer 400 1-Dozen Spine Arrows


During a recent archery tournament, I found myself in need of reliable, high-performing arrows. I decided to try out the Carbon Express D-Stroyer Shafts, and let me tell you, they exceeded my expectations.

The arrow shafts were incredibly stiff and straight, providing me with a consistent release and alignment with each shot. Thanks to the patented 2-spine design, I noticed a remarkable 50% reduction in oscillation compared to single spine shafts, ensuring that my accuracy was on point, shot after shot.

I was also impressed by the strength and durability of these arrows. Constructed using a 100% modulus carbon weave, these shafts offered consistent spine strength throughout, ensuring that my arrows withstood even the toughest conditions.

While these arrows may have been on the pricier side, their performance and durability were well worth the investment. Overall, I highly recommend the Carbon Express D-Stroyer Shafts for any archer seeking top-quality, accurate arrows.

Gold Tip Hunter Arrows 400 Raptor Vanes 12 Pk. for Accurate Shooting


Gold Tip Hunter arrows have been a trusty companion for my bow hunting adventures. Their Raptor vanes in a bright array of colors ensure my arrows won’t get lost in the dense woods. The full-length design adds an extra touch of stability, letting me focus on making precise shots. The Smart Carbon technology makes them strong and durable, and the sleek black finish with Hunter graphics gives them a distinct look.

However, I’ve noticed that the inserts aren’t pre-installed which can be a bit of a hassle during assembly. But once set up, these arrows have truly become an essential part of my bow hunting experience.

Hard Hitting 400 Spine Arrows with Custom Footed Shaft


As an archery enthusiast, I recently had the opportunity to try these Gold Tip Traditional Classic shafts for my outdoor escapades. Let me tell you, they truly delivered on their promise of durability and performance.

The hard-hitting kinetic energy of these shafts is quite impressive. They’ve been my trusty companion during various hunting expeditions, and with their reinforced ballistic collars, I’ve been able to handle the wear and tear of the great outdoors with ease.

The look of a custom footed shaft is a standout feature for any archery aficionado. The stainless steel inserts add that extra touch of quality that sets these shafts apart from the rest. However, I must admit, the inconsistency in wood grain color can be a bit of a letdown. But overall, the pros far outweigh the cons.

My experience with these shafts has been nothing short of incredible. They’ve proven to be virtually indestructible and have handled some challenging targets with grace. If you’re in the market for high-quality arrows, look no further than Gold Tip’s Traditional Classic shafts.

Carbon Express D-Stroyer MX Hunter Arrow Shafts for Accuracy and Strength


I recently tried the D-Stroyer MX Hunter arrow shafts, and I must say, they’re a game-changer for my hunting experience. The dual spine weight forward design not only provides incredible accuracy but also makes the arrows more durable and strong. The Buff Tuff carbon weave on the back 1/3 of the shaft adds strength and consistency to the arrow, while the tough and quiet carbon arrow finish on the front 2/3 ensures easy arrow removal.

One of the highlights for me was the remarkable straightness of these shafts, laser-checked to an impressive +/-. 002" tolerance, which ensures consistent accuracy shot after shot. The Launchpad Precision nocks with their controlled arrow release and integrated shaft alignment make every shot feel like a piece of cake.

However, there were a few minor cons to note. The weight tolerance of +/- 1 grain could be more precise, and the 12 arrow shafts I received in a set weren’t perfectly sorted by spine and weight. Some adjustments could be made to improve these aspects, but overall, I’m extremely happy with the performance of these D-Stroyer MX Hunter arrow shafts.

High-Speed RIP .204 Gamer Arrows for Enhanced Accuracy and Durability


I recently gave the Victory Rip Gamer Arrows a try during a weekend hunting trip, and I was thoroughly impressed with their performance. One of the most noticeable features was their sleek, small-diameter shaft, which not only looked sharp but also made a significant difference in accuracy.

The arrows seemed to take on whatever weather conditions threw their way, thanks to the robust Victory ICE coating. The arrows were also impressively durable, with no signs of bending or breaking even after multiple shots.

Overall, these arrows truly live up to their reputation as one of the hardest-hitting arrows in Victory’s collection, giving me the confidence to let it rip! .

Maxima Photon SD 400 Spine Arrows for Hunting and Shooting


I recently tried the Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD arrows, and I must say, they impressed me in many ways. These lightweight arrows are perfect for those long-distance shots, and the carbon design adds a great level of stability to them. I also loved the aluminum half-out insert, which helped reduce wind drift and improve penetration.

On the flip side, I encountered an issue with one of the arrows cracking after only a few shots. Thankfully, customer service at Cabelas was super nice and let me return them without too much hassle. Overall, I think the Maxima Photon SD arrows are a solid choice for hunters and shooters, but be aware that a small fault may occur occasionally.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for 400-grain arrows, there are several key features to consider to ensure you get the best product for your archery needs.

Arrow Material


The arrow material plays an essential role in determining the arrow’s performance, durability, and weight. Some common materials include aluminum, carbon fiber, and wood. Carbon arrows are generally lightweight, strong, and provide better accuracy but might be more expensive than aluminum or wood arrows.

Spine and Straightness

The spine of an arrow is a measure of its flexibility. A higher spine is stiffer and provides better penetration, while a lower spine is more flexible and can reduce damage to the arrow. Straightness is also crucial, as arrows with excessive flex can negatively impact accuracy and performance.

Length and Weight

The length and weight of an arrow affect its flight and stability. Longer arrows tend to be more stable and easier to shoot, but they might weigh more than shorter arrows. The arrow’s weight should also match the shooter’s bow, as lighter arrows may fly too fast, resulting in lower accuracy, and heavier arrows may cause the bow to slow down or even break.


Nock and Point Design

Nocks come in different sizes and materials, such as plastic, brass, or even micro-adjustable designs. It’s essential to choose a nock that fits your string and your shooting style. The arrow’s point design also plays a significant role in penetration and accuracy. Some common designs include field points, broadheads, and target points.

General Advice for Selecting 400-Grain Arrows

It’s crucial to try multiple arrow models before making a purchase to find the best fit for your equipment and shooting style. Always shoot the arrows at the recommended draw weight and keep the arrows straight and balanced. Proper maintenance, such as cleaning after use and inspecting for damage, can also help extend the life of your arrows.

Final Thoughts


When purchasing 400-grain arrows, consider the arrow’s material, spine, straightness, length, weight, nock, and point design. These factors will help you make an informed decision and find the best 400-grain arrows for your archery needs. Remember to try different models and maintain your arrows properly for optimal performance and longevity.


What are 400 Spine Arrows?

400 Spine Arrows refer to a type of arrow that has a spine rating of 400. The spine rating indicates the level of straightness of the arrow and is usually measured in thousands.


What is the significance of a 400 spine rating?

A 400 spine rating signifies that the arrow is very straight and ideal for long-range shooting. It helps to maintain accuracy and stability during flight.

Are 400 spine arrows suitable for both hunting and target practice?

Yes, 400 spine arrows are designed for both hunting and target practice. Their high level of straightness makes them suitable for long-range shooting, which is essential in hunting situations. Additionally, their durability and consistency ensure they are suitable for target practice.

What materials are used to make 400 spine arrows?


400 spine arrows are typically made from aluminum or carbon materials. The choice of material may vary depending on the intended use, with aluminum arrows being more popular for hunting due to their lower cost and higher weight. Carbon arrows, on the other hand, are preferred for target practice due to their lighter weight and superior accuracy.

How do I choose the right 400 spine arrow for my needs?

When choosing a 400 spine arrow, consider your intended use, the type of bow or crossbow you will be using, and the distance you plan to shoot. If you plan to hunt, choose an aluminum arrow with a heavier weight for better penetration. For target practice, opt for a lighter weight carbon arrow for improved accuracy.

What are the benefits of using a 400 spine arrow?

  • High level of accuracy due to their straightness
  • Long-range capabilities for hunting situations
  • Durability and consistency for target practice
  • Suitable for both hunting and target practice

Are there any drawbacks to using a 400 spine arrow?

A potential drawback of using a 400 spine arrow is that they are designed to be very straight, which may lead to increased vibration upon impact, especially when using an aluminum arrow. To mitigate this, some hunters opt for a shorter spine rating, such as a 380-spine arrow, to reduce vibration.

How much do 400 spine arrows typically cost?

The cost of 400 spine arrows can vary depending on the material, brand, and quality. Generally, carbon arrows tend to be more expensive than aluminum arrows, with prices ranging from $20 to $100 or more per arrow.